Saturday, April 12, 2008

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Amarok is going to be released today, and is already available in the Packman repository (including for ppc thanks to Peter Czanik). Most notably, it fixes the Amazon cover downloading which was broken since a few weeks because Amazon changed their online API. It requires taglib 1.5 (openSUSE up to 10.3 ships with 1.4), which should be API and ABI compatible (which means that upgrading to it is safe), but if you run into problems with other applications than Amarok that use taglib, let me know. UPDATE: if you use zypper or yast and see the following message:
Problem: requires taglib >= 1.5, but none of the providers can be installed Solution 1: vendor change of [SUSE LINUX Products GmbH, Nuernberg, Germany]taglib-1.4-114.x86_64 to [] Solution 2: do not install Choose the number, (s)kip, (r)etry or (c)ancel>
then go for "Solution 1" and upgrade openSUSE's taglib 1.4 with Packman's taglib 1.5 The reason is that Amarok now requires having taglib >= 1.5, and openSUSE only ships 1.4 (as 1.5 has been released after openSUSE 10.3). zypper/yast2 don't do it automatically because a "vendor" change (origin of the package) is considered to be something the end-user must do explicitly, not something that may happen automagically. Note that I heavily disagree with that behaviour but well.

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