Monday, October 27, 2008

» Elected to serve on the openSUSE Board

So it seems that I've been elected to serve on the 1st openSUSE Board. Thanks to everyone who voted for me, for your trust in me representing your ideas and serving you best in that position. But in general, thanks to everyone who voted in the first place. The 75% turnaround indeed gives us a pretty strong position, even though only openSUSE "Members" were allowed to vote. With currently 212 members, I would nevertheless believe that it is pretty representative of our contributor base -- or, well, at least it's a sufficient number for a "critical mass". Thanks to those who served on the previous "bootstrap" Board for their work, especially Andreas "AJ" Jaeger. And I'd also like to express my gratitude towards Marko Jung, Andrew Wafaa, Claes Backstrom and Vincent Untz for running the elections, with Marko Jung and Marcus "darix" Rueckert implementing the application on users.o.o during the latest Hackweek that enabled us to vote. Again, thanks for your trust, I'll do my best to be worthy :) I'm looking forward to work with Federico (who was also on the initial/previous board), Bryen and of course with fellow Packman contributor Henne.

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Blogger Marek Stopka said...

Congratulation. :-)

Blogger Jakub Rusinek said...

Congralations :) .

I'm sure you really deserve this sit, because you have the knowledge and I know you will be very good at resolving conflicts.

I expect good cooperation between community and the board, so I wish you good for this cadence :) .

Blogger Muhammad Rivai said...

Congratulation, Pascal

Hope the result give you a strong position to serve as gateway between community and Novell.

Waiting for campaign realization ;-)


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