Thursday, October 30, 2008

» FOSS Community Code of Conduct

Nice article by Bruce Byfield, where he explains how some tiny but vocal minorities can harm FOSS and their respective communities. Reminds me of when McCain has to STFU a women telling that she can't trust Obama because he's an Arab (I won't comment the embedded racism here: Arab==terrorist? Arab!=good family father? wth). While Bruce hits the nail on the head, I especially agree with Bruce's point that free speech comes with a responsibility, but I just don't think that a "FOSS Community Code of Conduct" would solve the problem. It would give communities/projects that subscribe to it a way of stating and showing that they do not support the retards, trolls, zealots, liars and attention whores that pollute and vampirise our ideals and work by calling themselves part of what we're doing. Maybe that's all we can do against those poisnonous people. But that won't make them go away.

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