Tuesday, October 07, 2008

» Microsoft, ugly head, rear: EU parliament resolution on FOSS

As Benjamin "zoobab" Henrion reports here, Microsoft lets one of its lobbying firms go after a petition for migrating the EU parliaments network to FOSS and fund FOSS development in the EU. I find the rebuttal by "Voices of innovation" (the lobbying group Microsoft is a customer of... that name... oh irony :)) quite bold and almost spilled my coffee when I read "Over the past few weeks radical elements in the open source community have intensified their efforts in the European Parliament.". Umm.. are they saying Michel Rocard and Daniel Cohn-Bendit are "radical elements", as they are two of the 5 EU parliament members who are making that proposal ? Those two are radically smart, for sure, but... heh.

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