Sunday, October 25, 2009

» Send mail to openSUSE Build Service project maintainers

Just wrote a little script that parses the output of osc meta prj or osc meta pkg, grabs the list of users in there and pokes the openSUSE Build Service API again to retrieve their email address. All that is then used to call Thunderbird in compose mode with the appropriate list of email addresses (and real names, when available). It also uses a cache file to speed things up. Examples:
osc meta prj security | omail
osc meta pkg security keychain | omail
You can download that (Perl) script from here. Simply copy it to ~/bin or /usr/local/bin and do a chmod 755 on it. Of course, you might as well add support for your favourite MUA (email client), which should be fairly trivial, given that the script already does the dirty work ;-) An alternative would be to re-author that script as an osc plugin.

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