Monday, February 08, 2010

» Packman for Factory

We've started building and publishing a core set of multimedia/codec related packages at Packman for openSUSE Factory again, now that 11.3 M1 has been published. Currently available packages include: MPlayer, ffmpeg, fluidsynth, lame, xine, twolame, vlc and xmms, as well as the gstreamer stack and a pile of additional libraries. We don't build all the stuff that's in our 11.2/11.1/11.0 repositories for Factory, as the frequent updates to's Factory would cause havoc on our build servers. If you believe something essential is missing, please send us an email and we'll evaluate whether we'll add it or not. To add it to your factory (or 11.3M1) system, just do the following from a shell as root:
zypper ar -r \
Note that the repository metadata is currently not signed. If you want to add the keys that sign our packages to RPM's keyring, install the package rpmkey-packman from that repository (zypper in rpmkey-packman). That means we are actually following Factory, and not the frozen milestones. As we are having an OBS instance that is connected to the central OBS instance, any update to factory automatically triggers rebuilds in our factory repository when needed.

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