Thursday, April 01, 2010

» Planet openSUSE #2.1

As I just recently blogged about, I'm busy on a facelift of PlanetSUSE. I made some more progress, and it's almost ready for production:
  • improved style
  • proper feed list (on a separate page)
  • vim-like keyboard navigation (j, k)
  • hackergotchis and speaking bubbles on the right (matter of taste, I guess)
  • tested on w3m (works great)
  • the feed list aggregates feeds by name
  • test + fix with more browsers, although I already had positive reports from many, including mobile browsers (elastic/fluid layout rocks after all ;))
  • non-English planets
  • a mobile browser optimised page (to be discussed, ideas/feedback is more than welcome, I don't own such a thing)
  • integrate the nice Planet SUSE logo made by Jakub "jimmac" Steiner (still waiting for the SVG, *prod* *prod* ;))
And, of course, if you like/dislike it, or if you have additional ideas on the layout or features, please let me know (best by email, more convenient than blog comments ;)). But seriously, everyone should get a hackergotchi, looks a lot better than the fallback geeko!



Blogger James Ogley said...

Woop woop! Thanks Pascal, I've been neglecting PS a it I know, it's had to be low on my priorities list. If you'd like me to test the new-look version before it goes live though, I'd be happy to.

Blogger Robin said...

Two things I noticed:

- the white on black of console text looks a bit out of place and distracts the eyes. Hard to switch between text and console.
How about black text on grey background?
- the space between posts could be a little bit larger, but that's just my personal taste

Blogger DimiG said...

Wow, good site. Never heard about before.

Now I know why you're so busy and do not reply ;)



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