Thursday, June 24, 2010

» Planet openSUSE site stats

darix was so kind to run some statistics on the access logs of Planet openSUSE, and the results are.. well.. impressive.
MonthUnique visitorsVisitsPagesHitsBandwidth
Mar 201052509589270756968229261.32 GB
Apr 20109672192828209114444626533.83 GB
May 20108861172939304514848280658.34 GB
Jun 20107493145607172711126086434.41 GB
UPDATE: and more stats...: Most used browser is Firefox with 87.9%, followed by Akregator (an RSS feed aggregator for KDE) with 6.1%. IE is at 0.5%, Opera at 0.6%, Chrome at 0.3%. Most used operating system is Linux with 89.3%, Windows at 7.2% We are currently not running any per-country stats, as the apache log file is currently at 17GB ;) The number of total requests since 2010-02-10 is at over 80 million (!!!).

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