Monday, July 05, 2010

» Even shorter openSUSE repository URLs: guessing the distro

I updated the documentation about even shorter and more portable URLs to openSUSE build service repositories. The thing is, the zypp stack (zypper and YaST2) send the version of the openSUSE it is running on as an HTTP header when performing an "add repo" operation. That is now used on the server side when a version is not specifically mentioned in the URL. e.g.: zypper ar -r

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Blogger DimStar said...

In openSUSE 11.3 this will be even easier:

zypper ar obs://X11:Compiz CompizRepo
where CompizRepo is simply the alias specified to identify the repo in the list.

Blogger Lukewarm Rosewater said...

Great job, I love it!:) Am I right, though, in saying that the redirect doesn't (yet, no doubt;)) handle hyphens and dots in repo names? See:

( resolves correctly)


( resolves)

Once again, thanks for the great job anyway.


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