Sunday, August 01, 2010

» Please test NX 3.4.0

On a request, I updated the openSUSE NX packages to the latest release, 3.4.0. If you're an NX user, please test the packages and report whether they work for you or not. As I don't use NX myself, I'd prefer to have a bit of feedback before pushing the changes to the X11:RemoteDesktop repository. The command-line snippet to do so is as follows (must be done as root, for obvious reasons):
zypper ar -r \ && \
zypper dup --repo home:pbleser:branches:X11:RemoteDesktop
For reporting success and failure, please send me an email or let me know on IRC. Thanks! :)

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Blogger C.F.Lange said...

Repo seems to be inaccessible.


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