Friday, January 14, 2011

» Why I am not running for the openSUSE Board

As you might have noticed, I am not a candidate for the current openSUSE Board Elections, and a few people have asked me why.

The reason is simple: I have been elected on the two previous Board instances, and have also been part of the initial "bootstrap Board" (as I like to call it) where there were no elections (chicken/egg) and where our primary mission was to set up an election process.

The Board Election Rules state that "openSUSE board members can serve for up to two consecutive election periods. After that they must stand down for at least one election period, but may run again after the one election period break", and that's simply what's happening in this case -- and I was even one of the people who made that rule be part of the Election Rules ;D.

So no conspiracy theory, no anger or disgust, it's simply sensible mechanics of a democratic system.

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Blogger Muhammad Rivai said...

Hi PB,

I'll be campaign for you for next election ;-)

Even if you aren't running for openSUSE Board Election 2011, your experience will be an advantage for the openSUSE project.


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