Thursday, March 03, 2011

» The genius is in simplicity

I recently stumbled over, a website for sharing/pasting images (sort of like pastebin, but for images).

It's not new per se, there have been quite a few image pasting sites already, such as, but what is striking at is the extreme simplicity of its interface.

You open, you drag and drop an image from your file manager / desktop / whatever, and you're done. Period. Brilliant.

Genius resides in designing things that are simple, or at least apparently simple. The success of Google Search with users does not only rely on its search algorithms and implementations, but also on the extreme simplicity and consistence of its user interface (at least as far as the landing page is concerned). Sure, nowadays, you'd think "why would I make a search page look any different from that ?", but back in the days, all the other search sites had very complex user interfaces (at least as far as I remember).



Blogger Sankar said...

Too inviting to start a GNOME KDE catfight ;-) OMG I am spoiled :(

Yes, I absolutely love simplicity in web interfaces. It is not just pleasing on eyes, it is very useful on low internet regions. When I was studying in college, Google is the only search engine that will open fast and I used it just for that reason.


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