Friday, April 01, 2011

» Canterbury Rolling Application Platform

Following the announcement of the Canterbury distribution, there has been a lot of work about this in the background too. In order to provide developers with the easiest framework to package with, we are pleased to announce the availability of the Canterbury Rolling Application Platform.

No more tedious packaging, upstream won't have to deal with the idiosyncrasies of distributions any more. Just write your source code, use our framework, and it will automagically be turned into a craplet, which is the new name for artifacts in our distributed platform. It will just fly!

Unlike all efforts of packaging and distribution, our approach is truly revolutionary and provides instant and effortless scalability for the cloud through virtualization of provisioning for horizontal and vertical growth of your business.

At the center of this revolutionary platform lies our secret sauce, Publish Organic in the Open, which will enable you to quickly push out your stuff into the wide world of users of the new Canterbury Rolling Application Platform.$ make_poo --dist=loo LibreOpenOffice
Preparing upstream organic ... [DONE]
Building craplet loo.crap ... [DONE]
Flushing buffers ... [DONE]
Pushing to ... [DONE]
Finishing up. Congratulations, your CRAP is flying at the loo !

We are expecting big vendor support behind this effort, with HP, Oracle, IBM and probably also Microsoft, as it would only be a natural fit for their .NET platform.

It is obviously written in Python (significant whitespace fits in naturally with our philosophy) and will be available in git repositories soon.


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