Thursday, April 09, 2009

» openSUSE TV links for FOSDEM 2009 talks

I just went through the FOSDEM 2009 talks/slides/videos page on the wiki to add links to our openSUSE TV channel at So if you prefer to see the talks as streams with Flash instead of the Theora oggs we have on, you can do so using the links on that page now. To do so, I also added an "OpensuseTV" template to our Wiki, in a similar fashion to the "Video" template. It uses another icon (see on the left) and takes the identifier as parameter (not the whole URL), e.g. like this:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool, thanks for the template. But the links on the fosdem09 page all point to non-suse videos...?

Blogger DimiG said...

Wow, Cool!!! Thank U so much. I dreamed to watch video from there.

BTW: Is there any way to create own FLV player for WEB in Linux? Is there any software for it? I believe need to compile engine for it.

Blogger Loki said...

tom: yes, just noticed, sorry.

The links are fixed now, there was some confusion on my side regarding the URLs and permalinks.

Blogger Loki said...

DimiG: yes, there are several opensource flash video players that can be embedded on any site.

The most-known is probably

Note that with our "openSUSE TV" channel at, we don't need that, as already provides their own (also embeddable) FLV player. It also requires some work on the server-side too though, to be able to actually stream and seek into the videos. There are a few opensource streaming servers (including one from Apple), but you can also use a module for lighttpd (an alternative to Apache), or just a PHP script. Googling will give you the details, but I also believe that there is detailed documentation on the website.

Blogger DimiG said...

Tnx Loki :) Good info

I've seen on these videos that they were watermarked. I do it by ffmpeg. See it on my blog. But how they do watermarking only part of video? And why they use outdated OGG with 'theora'? The MP4 with H264 give much better quality with smaller file size. Personally I use only H264 AVC now on Linux and iPod.


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