Thursday, November 10, 2005

» Jeffrey, don't spread the fire

I second Stephan Binner's comment on Jeffrey Stedfast's blog entry about KDE being unprofessional, childish, etc... Jeffrey, are you trying to start a flamewar or something ? How clueless is it to transpose some stupid posts of mentally 12-year old KDE users on slashdot (what else to expect on /. ?) to the KDE project and its developers ? Because that's actually what you're doing. You're (not even in a subtle manner) writing that because your dad and you found anti-GNOME/Ximian posts on a few websites (not, BTW) that KDE sucks, that it's unprofessional. Further on, "pro-GNOME commenters rarely stoop to such low levels of flaming KDE and it's developers, but rather stay positive".. err.. are you kidding ? You must be.. What makes me sick is this permanent "ignoring-the-other-side" and not getting together between GNOME and KDE. Why can't you guys have a single, common sound daemon ? Having two large projects like that in the FOSS community is supposed to emulate and create synergies, not bashing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As far as I understand Jeff's post, he repeats several times that he's sure those are not KDE developers.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My intention was not to point the finger at the KDE developers at all, I thought I was clear on that but apparently I wasn't (or people didn't really read what I said).

I fully understand that the flames on LinuxToday, Slashdot, E-Week, etc are likely not written by KDE developers, but rather the groupies - some of whom pretend to make technical arguments and be spokespeople for the KDE project. My point was that for people reading those posts, it's too easy to assume that they really are spokespeople for KDE and due to their unprofessionalism, it gives KDE a bad name... one that it doesn't deserve.

I just wish that people could refrain from bashing either project. When I see a KDE milestone announcement, I hope and pray that there aren't a flood of anti-KDE remarks in the article comments (and thankfully I don't generally see many, tho there are usually at least a few). When a GNOME article is written, on the other hand, there are thousands of anti-GNOME remarks. So much hate without any reason at all.

Both sides are guilty, but it just seems to me that the KDE groupies are so much more "violent" than the GNOME groupies, maybe I'm not reading enough and so am missing the flames there or something, I'm mostly basing this on slashdot/linuxtoday and even the e-week comments.

Hopefully I've cleared that up...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Probably it is in the eye of the beholder. When i spoil my time looking at those (mostly American) forums i see childish and rude comments from people calling themselves 'gnome-lovers' mostly.

Those gnome-lovers will always complain about KDE-people being rude - thus creating an image of the other side that is hard to deny. An old trick in debating, just like 'i heard from' that resembles very much this 'my father said'.

Ah - but then this is my point of view.

Blogger kOoLiNuS said...

Hi Pascal, I hijack this tread to point out this problem

as I did on the opensuse mailing list. Can you keep us (me) informed in some way ?

Really thanks !


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