Monday, November 14, 2005

» Microsoft to trigger IT economic war between USA and Europe

Microsoft wants the US government to be involved in the issue they're facing with the EU, as reported by the Financial Times (and relayed by Heise (in german)). Now we're going to see whether the current US administration still has a few remainings of ethics or whether it's just economics and big businesses after all (like many of us if Europe are pretty much convinced of). Let me guess... the US government is going to pressure the EU. Is it even worth a bet ? ;) And I don't even think the title of this blog entry deserves a question mark. It's going to happen, for sure. After all, all the money Microsoft has pumped into Bush's presidential campaign has to pay off (once more), doesn't it ? (can't find links to those numbers any more, I knew I should have bookmarked that, I suppose the CIA has wiped those sites off the net ;)).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's already obvious that the current US administration has no ethics (war in Iraq, Plame, etc. etc), so I"m not prepared to use that as a yardstick for what they'll do in this case :-).

Anonymous Anonymous said...

please spare us all the one sided and highly hypocritical judgements of motive and character

instead, lets just focus on facts and not what some wanna-be pundit or two puts on their hate-blog

that said, as an American who has never been for big government of any type I am really confused by the apparent lack of wisdom showed by so many who think they are the intellectual elite

its sorta funny I guess, but I can't seem to make myself laugh... lets play pretend:

Lets say that you are a white male in a group of other white males that over the course of a week at a seminar, or work, or a party, or pretty much ANY social situation, find that you are interacting with some others of different sex and/or race.

Is it an issue to you? Probably not, as you are too busy being productive, professional and mature to worry about something that is nothing more than window dressing "details" and not worth the time to worryh about it.

Yet maybe with others it very much is an issue. They constantly make racist jokes and seem to think that they can call you things like "Hitler" or "the Nazi" because of no other reason than your blonde hair and blue eyes. Besides the fact that you are the ONLY one that is not making the racist jokes, and in fact have never seemed to notice that there was even a difference (and despite the fact that you are quite familiar with your heritage and have ZERO german in you) you are forced to accept this. Why?

I don't know the reason for it... but I think here we have a good example of it so perhaps you two could explain it to me. Does a persons intollerance, hatred, malice, judgmental and unforgiving nature actually seem better if they dress it all up in the hypocritical robes of falsehood and hyperbole? Is there an "ethical" way to selectively filter out empirical facts so as to justify your emotionally based decisions and opinions?

Also, is a complete unwillingness to either apply the logical tenets of deductive and inductive reason seen as good as long as we also completely divorce ourselves from reality (including selective filtering)?

Hate with a smiley emoticon is still hate.

Truth is never found by those who refuse to seek it out.

Groupthink under the guise of "for the children" or "for the people" has been used as justification for history's worst slaughters and depravations.

Like the bully in school who uses his physical superiority to force himself like a rapist on everyone else, those "intellectual elite" who despite having most likely never worked real jobs and certainly not lowering themselves to the menial and mundane, they rape and lash out at others in a vane attempt to establish superiority. The bully can ALWAYS come up with "ethical" sounding arguments but true ethics is driven by morals and steered by wisdom.

Blogger Loki said...

Gosh, I'm keeping this one. Bots are getting better and better :)


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