Tuesday, April 25, 2006

» smart 0.41-16

Just released updated Smart 0.41 RPMs for SUSE Linux, namely version 0.41-16. This release includes the latest yast2 repository support fixes by Mauricio "netmask" Teixeira, most notably support for packages that share a description (which should get rid of empty package descriptions in yast2 channels). I also decided to change the preconfigured channels to use yast2 metadata instead of apt-rpm, for my own guru repository, but also for Packman and for download.opensuse.org. On SUSE Linux >= 10.0, smart-0.41-16 comes preconfigured with both the inst-source and inst-source-java channels, but for <= 9.3, it still uses the base component in the apt-rpm repositories at gwdg.de. apt-rpm channels are still used for the security and update components though. Furthermore, ksmarttray has been renamed to smart-ksmarttray and I've added a new subpackage smart-addons, that currently ships a .desktop file and a script to add local directories as smart channels (as with YaST2).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am new to smart (due to the confusion and broken 10.1 Yast). Thanks for your work with smart.
I have been searching for an answer on the forums that would allow me to "drop in" a file to a local directory as a smart-channel. It seems there aren't too many out there that know about your addons package. I happened across your blog this morning. It looks like the smart-addons will do this. I will check it when I get home, I assume there is a help file? How do I set that local channel?

thanks again.


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