Wednesday, December 26, 2007

» Translating the Packman website

The Packman website now has translations for german, french, dutch, portuguese, brazilian portuguese, spanish, danish, czech and italian. If you'd like to contribute another translation, the procedure is as follows:
  • download the gettext .pot file and translate it into your language (e.g. using kbabel, emacs, vim, ...) -- except the "cat_..." messages, they shouldn't be left as-is
  • translate the welcome and documentation HTML fragments and translate them as well
  • also send me how to translate "twenty" (20) in your language (that one isn't in the pot file)
  • send the whole thing to me [1] or to the packman mailing-list
That would be a much appreciated contribution :) [1] My email address is Update: thanks to Chen Swyear and Dinar Valeev for sending in a traditional chinese and russian translation, respectively Anyone for polish, japanese, hungarian and croatian, maybe ? ;)

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