Wednesday, December 19, 2007

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As announced quite some time ago, I now maintain my packages in the Packman repository and the openSUSE Build Service. I finally decided to reflect that on my website. I guess an era has passed... ;) The nice thing is that nowadays, a lot more packagers are active in the community. The Build Service has greatly facilitated that by lowering the barrier in terms of local infrastructure (you need none, except a command-line script if you prefer CLI to the nice web interface). A few folks at Packman (including me) developed a nice, lean build server of our own, that is less capable than the almighty openSUSE Build Service but is more lightweight (as we currently only have a single server to build on). A few but valuable people have also joined the Packman team and taken over the maintenance of a few of my packages, which gives me a little more time to spend on other things (such as FOSDEM, the openSUSE Board or the Software Portal) -- I still need 72 hour days though ;)



Blogger DimiG said...

Thanks for explanations Pascal, and thanks for good job you did. Hope to see you more active on your blog with some tricks explanations and links to useful software.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to download the two packages, di and cpuid from your repository. Now, it seems that Packman is not maintaining these 2 packages. Any idea where I can find these 2 rather useful packages?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alpine, a descendant of Pine has just been released by Washington University:

Now it's under Apache license.

Blogger Loki said...

Keith, I moved cpuid and di to the openSUSE Build Service just now.

As there aren't any repositories they'd fit into as of now, I've added them here:


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