Friday, July 04, 2008

» Deluge

Packages of the latest Deluge (a torrent client),, are finally available for openSUSE, in the Packman repository. It took so long to upgrade because the Deluge developers upgraded the in-tree rblibtorrent to a more recent build that, in turn, requires the very latest Boost 1.35. Took me some hours of work to make a boost1_35 package that can be installed aside the (older) boost package that ships with openSUSE. BTW, if Deluge doesn't start properly, run "deluge" from a shell and if you see the following error message: "deluge.core.DelugeError: 'No such unique_ID.'" then you have to delete your Deluge configuration (rm -rf ~/.config/deluge) and start+configure Deluge again. YMP

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