Monday, June 02, 2008

» openSUSE Board Elections Committee

A week ago, AJ announced on the opensuse-project mailing-list that we (the board) have approved the proposal we've been working on since some time. It was heavily influenced by feedback we gathered from IRC meetings and the opensuse-project list (threads here and here). One of the key items is that a separate group of people will organise the elections, instead of the board itself. The idea is to reduce chances of cheating and manipulating the process and/or the results (theoretical chances, as I don't see anyone on the board even remotely intending to do that, but it's a matter of trust and democratic processes). We are thinking of a board election committee composed of 3 members, who would have the job of organising and running the board elections, from collecting people who want to apply for the board, selecting both a process and a piece of software to run the elections as well as announcing the results. To avoid reproducing the same potential chicken/egg issue as if the board was doing this, members of the election committee may not apply for being a board member. So if you're interested in taking part into one of the most important processes of our community, please contact us at



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