Monday, July 31, 2006

» smart-0.42-3 and amarok-beta

New smart packages are available: 0.42-3 I've added a workaround for some broken repositories that provide packages that miss Summary: or %description While I haven't been able to reproduce it myself (and thus, no idea what repository that is), it happened to someone on #suse. The patch hasn't been submitted to upstream yet. I've also included my x86_64 package election optimization patch (see here for more details), as I have been running it successfully on my own system and will hence be removing my experimental smart repository. Yesterday, I've built new amarok packages (1.4.2-beta1, with 1.4.2 final currently being scheduled for mid-august) and tried a new package naming scheme. The package is called amarok-beta-1.4.2beta1 (instead of amarok-1.4.2beta1), in order to avoid everyone being pushed a beta when doing smart upgrade ;) You have to explicitly tell your package manager that you want to install amarok-beta in order to get it. As it is my first attempt at such a naming scheme, please send me feedback about whether it works for you or not (especially if it doesn't) - btw, please do so by email instead of posting comments on my blog.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

» Back to business

I'm back from holidays and trying to catch up with all the package updates. Made over 40 packages the last 2 days, now I think I got most of the updates done (at least those I found on freshmeat) - and releasing builds for 36 packages/projects on one day is definitely my new personal record ;) If you notice some package that has a newer version that the one provided in my repository, please let me know, I might have missed something ;)