Wednesday, November 07, 2007

» openSearch for openSUSE package search engines

I quickly hacked openSearch configurations for a few openSUSE package search sites: When you go to the URL above with Firefox, you'll notice that the search box is highlighted and that you get some sort (depends on the theme) of drop-down arrow. When you click on it, you can see "Add WebPin package search", etc.. items. Just click on it and it'll add the selected package search engine to the ones available in Firefox' search box. Note that unfortunately, Konqueror doesn't implement opensearch as of now (which is a pity, given it's an open standard). The Packman and WebPin already have it on their respective sites.


» openSUSE package search bookmarklets

If you find yourself often searching for openSUSE packages in your browser (as I do, although I typically use the Webpin CLI client for that), you might be interested in adding the following bookmarklets to Firefox and/or Konqueror: It's quite easy to "install" on Firefox:
  • either drag&drop the links above to your Bookmarks Toolbar, or right-click on the link and pick "Bookmark this link"
  • find the link you just added, either in the Bookmarks menu or on the Bookmarks Toolbar
  • right-click and select "Properties"
  • in the "Keyword" field, select a short 1, 2 or 3 letter acronym that's easy to remember (e.g. "pm" for Packman search, "wp" for Webpin, ...
With Konqueror, it's just slightly less simple:
  • right click on the link above you'd like to add, and select "Copy link address" to have it in the buffer
  • in the menu, select "Settings" and "Configure Konqueror"
  • click on the "Web Shortcuts" icon on the left
  • make sure that "Enable Web shortcuts" is enabled
  • click on the "New" button
  • enter some meaningful name for the "Search provider name" field, e.g. "Packman search"
  • paste the URL you've just copied into the buffer in the "Search URI" field
  • as with Firefox, define a 1, 2 or 3 letter acronym that's easy to remember in the "URI shortcuts" field (e.g. "pm" for Packman search, "wp" for Webpin, ...)
Once you've done that, you just need to type the acronym followed by the search criterion in the URL field of your browser. Say you've used "pm" for the Packman search URL, then on Firefox you just need to type Control+L (which takes you to the URL field) followed by pm amarok -- that's it. Note that as opposed to Firefox, Konqueror defaults to use ":" between bookmarklet shortcuts and the search criteria (but you can change that to mimic Firefox in Settings > Configure Konqueror > Web Shortcuts > set the value of the "Keyword delimiter" combobox to "Space" instead of "Colon"), which means that with Konqueror the procedure is as follows: type Control+L (which clears and takes you to the URL field) followed by pm:amarok. It's really a very simple trick: Firefox and Konqueror just replace the %s placeholder in the URL with what you type behind the bookmark's keyword.

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» One-Click-Install support at Packman

one-click-installThe Packman website now has basic support for the new openSUSE One-Click-Install (also known as YMP). On the package view (e.g. here:, you'll notice a new, yellow box that floats on the right of the screen with a big clickable icon that says 1-click-install. When you click that icon on openSUSE 10.3 and 10.2 (only if you installed the latest yast2 online updates), it will launch the YaST2 YMP handler and add the Packman repository as well as the openSUSE OSS repository (both only if not already in your list of repositories), give you the option of selecting the packages to install (if you pick the "Advanced mode") and, well, install them. Note that -debuginfo and -devel packages are disabled from the set by default but if you want them too, choose "Advanced mode" and enable the checkboxes. It currently lacks a few pieces of information such as the summary of each individual RPM package because we don't have it in the Packman database as of now. But we'll work on that. On the technical side of things, the YMP XML files are generated on the fly from stuff we have in the Packman database. And as I totally love nice URLs and implemented them everywhere on the Packman site, those for One-Click-Install are particularly pretty to point to, e.g.

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

» FOSDEM 2008: Call for Developer Rooms and stands

Thursday, November 01, 2007

» GNUmed client RPMs for openSUSE

Sebastian Hilbert just finished building GNUmed client packages for openSUSE in the Build Service. GNUmed is an opensource medical software package.