Monday, July 30, 2007

» Webpin CLI 0.6

And here's version 0.6. Changes:
  • renamed -f option to -F to query Factory
  • added experimental configuration file support, please test and report bugs:
    • added --config to pass the name of the user configuration file to read
    • added --skip-global-config to skip reading /etc/webpinrc
    • added --skip-config to skip reading configuration files altogether
    • reads /etc/webpinrc and ~/.webpinrc (unless using one of the options above)
    • layout is documented in the "webpinrc" man page (man webpinrc)
  • default values moved to /etc/webpinrc

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» Webpin CLI 0.5

Well, while I'm at it... And another update, fixes a bug with Python under 2.5 and adds local RPM database support (--rpm). Changes:
  • added --rpm option to check package hits against your local RPM database (disabled by default):
    • shows whether the packages that match the search criteria are installed on your system or not
    • compares versions with the packages installed on your system and tells you whether the package match from the Package Search is newer, older or the same than the one you have on your system
  • added --rpm-root option to define the chroot to use to access the RPM database
  • print errors to stderr instead of stdout
  • fixed try..finally issue with Python versions < 2.5, see for an explanation, thanks to Patrick Shanahan for reporting
Note that the --rpm options are only available when the package rpm-python is installed. Screenshot of the new features:

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

» Webpin CLI 0.4

And yet another bugfix release, 0.4 Changes:
  • fixed display of repositories per version
  • added --dump option to show the raw XML replied by the server
  • added --arch to display architecture information
  • added proper quoting of the query URL using Python's urllib
  • added --show-url to display the query URL that is sent to the Web Service
  • added usage and version in OptionParser (--version)
  • added a man page
Screenshot showing coloured repository URLs (--url) and architectures --arch):

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» Webpin CLI 0.3

And already a bugfix release ;) Version 0.3 fixes a few annoying bugs as reported by Toni and Beineri, as well as lots of small improvements (e.g. turning off ANSI sequence galore). Changelog:
  • fixed searching for terms that include regular expression chars (e.g. libsigc++), thanks to Toni (aka oc2pus) for reporting
  • added aggregation of packages and matching repository names, thanks to Stephan Binner (aka Beineri) for reporting
  • added display of matching repository names for filename matches
  • added timeout for server queries (and --timeout option)
  • added progress logging (can be turned off with --quiet)
  • added option to turn off ANSI sequences: --no-ansi
  • rewrote part of the code to make it somewhat cleaner
  • added mising repository name regex for Factory
  • added --factory and --latest
  • added validation of distribution version (--dist)
Updated source available from here and RPMs are here as well as in my repository in a few hours.

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» Webpin command-line client

Yesterday I've written a tiny little command-line client for Benjamin Weber's excellent openSUSE Package Search service (also known as "webpin"). It's quite simple but is a great tool to check whether a package is available in one of the many indexed repositories (including all the openSUSE Build Service repositories), or even to look up a file as part of a package. My script merely requires python and python-xml to be installed, and is available either directly from source or as an RPM package (also available and mirrored through my "guru" repository).
A few screenshots are available as well:

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» Sign the petition for open standards in Europe

If you're an EU citizen, consider signing the following petition for demanding free and open standards everywhere in european administrations and states:

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

» Guru repository mirror in the US

For those who haven't noticed yet, there's a very fast mirror in the USA (at ISC in California, which is also where is hosted) of my repository: Thanks a lot to Scott for providing this. Here are the repository URLs to use in your favourite package manager if you're in the US:

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» re

Back from holidays. Tenerife was very nice. Not as much to see as in Croatia (by a large margin) but relaxing nevertheless. We intentionally picked a location where we could relax more than anything else, and that was better suited for our daughter in terms of playing on the beach and such. Unfortunately, 3 days before leaving, in the middle of the night, I felt an extreme pain on my left side. It didn't go away after almost an hour and I thought "uh oh.. yeah, has to be the kidney" Well, yeah, tough luck, I have a stone in my left kidney. Most friggin extreme pain one could imagine (or not, actually). Went to hospital, had checks, got painkillers and stuff. When we came back home to Belgium, I immediately went to check it again over here. Yeah, confirmed. Ate more and more painkillers but sometimes even that didn't help. Long 2-3 hour sessions of non-stop pain, without a minute of relief. This is definitely the thing you'd want to wish your worst enemy. On Tuesday the pain was so strong that I went to hospital, for them to give me a cocktail of strong painkillers and such. Point is, I only left on Friday morning and even got some surgery and a probe placed into my bladder (yummy...) as the stone didn't want to come out by itself (although the fscker is just as small as 5mm.. wth). At least the pain is gone, but the stone is still there. I'll have some more surgery on Thursday to remove the probe (with a little luck it'll just be local narcosis this time) and normally the stone will come out with it (crossing fingers). Anyhow, I'm back into packaging business and such but pretty tired from the surgery (or rather, the full narcosis), sticking at home until the 6th. Hm. Dunno why I blogged about this anyway, sorry for bothering my dear readers with such pathetic crap. But I'll post it anyway.


Sunday, July 01, 2007

» /away on vacation

I'm away from my PC and any electronic communication channels for 2 weeks, which means no package updates in my repositories until Tuesday 17th. If there is something urgent, contact the Packman team ("packman" followed by "at" and "links2linux" followed by a "dot" and "de"), they have access to all my spec files.