Friday, April 10, 2009

» RSS build notifications from OBS

One of the annoying things with the openSUSE Build Service ("OBS") is that while it is acceptable that it can take a while for the build grid to process your package, it is tedious to poll the results with "osc r" (or my contributed, nicely coloured "osc cr") again and again. Now, the openSUSE Build Service has a notification backend called "Hermes" (named so after the Greek mythology, Hermes being the messenger of the gods) that is triggered by OBS events such as build completion. I personally don't like receiving bulks of emails to tell me that a build has succeeded or failed, my IMAP being already sufficiently crowded. But Hermes also publishes RSS feeds, including by user. In order to follow those in your preferred RSS client (I use akregator, but there are many others, including Firefox' "live bookmarks" feature), go to, log in with your openSUSE iChain account, and there you'll have a page where you can configure the notifications for your builds. I went for enabling "Build Success" and "Build Failure" as well as picking "Web / RSS newsfeed" from the list box on the right. When done, you get a list of your feeds here: (or by clicking on "My Feeds" in the menu in the left navigation section).

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