Friday, January 06, 2006

» Smart with experimental YaST2 repository support

Yesterday evening, I've released new Smart 0.41 RPMs for SUSE Linux (10.0 to 9.1) that include experimental YaST2 repository support as implemented by Mauricio "netmask" Teixeira. Note that it's still dubbed as experimental but first tests by a few people show that it has a few minor glitches but that it's working reliably for package installation. So please help us with testing, contribute your experience with it and report issues you run into (if any). After upgrading to my smart-0.41-10 RPM, you can add a YaST2 repository channel as follows (as root):
smart channel --add suse-10.0-yast2 type=yast2 name="SUSE 10.0 (yast2)"    baseurl=
(make sure to specify the "inst-source" directory for baseurl, smart needs the URL that holds the "directory.yast" file) If you want to use your favourite mirror instead of, still add the repository as above and add a mirror for the URL above to smart, like this:
smart mirror --add
(note that you can even add more than one mirror and smart will balance downloads from those and select the best mirror) Here is how to add the SUSE 10.0 YaST2 repositories (including "java"), Packman, my own and the KDE 3.5 supplementary repository for 10.0:
smart channel --add suse-10.0-yast2 type=yast2 name="SUSE 10.0"    baseurl=
smart channel --add suse-10.0-java-yast2 type=yast2 name="SUSE 10.0 Java"    baseurl=
smart channel --add suse-10.0-kde-yast2 type=yast2 name="SUSE Supplementary KDE 10.0"    baseurl=
smart channel --add packman-10.0-yast2 type=yast2 name="Packman 10.0"    baseurl=
smart channel --add guru-10.0-yast2 type=yast2 name="Guru 10.0"    baseurl=
Then add a few mirrors:
smart mirror --add
smart mirror --add
smart mirror --add
smart mirror --add
smart mirror --add
smart mirror --add
Note: for the "supplementary" repository, make sure to use the appropriate architecture subdirectory ("x86_64" for 64bit and "i386" for 32bit)


Blogger kOoLiNuS said...

is there a way to find some more mirrors of GWDG server ? aside from fpt and ftp4 .... not finding them results in a real slow info/package fetching from the "original" one, which eventually results in starvation of yast [and this happens more often than not] :-(

i'm really enjoying SUSE & your work, but i really hate my incapacity to live a good experience on package management ... yast is slow, apt I can't manage to override the package-signing probs and Smats seems nice, but a little too experimental .... I am a little frustrated about this topic .... sigh !


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