Sunday, January 06, 2008

» Conspiracy Theorist

Interesting post by Bruce on Conspiracy Theorists and Free Software. I agree with most if not all he wrote in that article. But, while I was reading it, it immediately made me think of one person. Bet you'll have the same experience ? Have a read. OK. Found ? Yes, him ! Oh well, agreed, that was quite obvious.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, exactly. HIM. ;-)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If we had no proof of Microsoft's behaviour and practices over the years, I might agree.

BUT considering their past and present history, to NOT worry about this is whistling by the graveyard.

Or are we going to be going through another round of 'there is a band of renegade employees at Redmond that really like open source and are working from the inside' spin?

Microsoft has shown no changed in their behavior, why should we not be very worried?

As a Non-Compensated Individual Hobbyist Develope directly affected by the Novell/Redmond deal which seeks to segregate developers from each other, I say Bollocks to you and Novell/Microsoft.

Them for the threats and you for denigrating anyone who doesnt agree with you which is the ultimate sign of intellectual deficiency: if they dont agree with you, insult.

Say Bruce, do you still beat your wife?

You might not think there is danger in the Microsoft actions and words but you know what they say about opinions.


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