Tuesday, February 28, 2006

» FOSDEM 2006, over and out

FOSDEM 2006 is now over and history. It was the best FOSDEM ever. Network was very problematic again and we'll make this our top priority for 2007, but apart from that there have been no major issues (just the usual little things to adjust here and there). Although we didn't do any estimation yet, the number of visitors has definitely grown (as every year), so thanks a lot to everyone who attended the event. Unfortunately I caught a stomach flu on Friday, stuck on the toilet and in bed with 39° fever, but I somehow managed to get up at 5AM and drive 2 hours to Brussels on Saturday morning, stuffed with drugs (now that was fun). That was very sad, because I've been working very hard on this event for the last 6 months (as the rest of the FOSDEM staff), but eventually I wasn't feeling that bad during the week-end. I was just very tired and wasn't able to say hi to everyone involved in the devrooms and stands (the part that I manage). Also forgot batteries for my digital cam so couldn't take any pictures myself : Nevertheless, it was a very nice week-end. Got to meet the SUSE staffers in real life (again, for some of them) as well as a few folks from the openSUSE community, although I couldn't spend as much time in the openSUSE devroom as I would have wished, but attending 2.5 talks over the week-end is my record anyway ;) Seeing a few other folks again was very nice as well, Fabrice Mous from KDE, Helge Hess from Opengroupware, Volker Dormeyer from FSF, Josette from O'Reilly (which is always a pleasure) and many others, but not all of whom I wanted to chat a bit with, I was just too tired/ill. Thanks a lot to all the FOSDEM staff members and volunteers, without whom all of this wouldn't have been possible. Also thanks to our sponsors, to the speakers and to the projects in the devrooms and stands (except the FreeBSD/MirBSD folks, who really behaved like crap during the whole week-end). We're going to do our debriefing meeting soon, that will also serve as a very early kickoff for the next edition, as all of us already have ideas on how to improve for the next edition. FOSDEM 2006 is over, let's start working on FOSDEM 2007 ;) And if you have any feedback, we'd be very pleased to hear about it. Please let us know, at feedback@fosdem.org


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for having us, FOSDEM 06 was simply great. The volunteers are awesome, and have been able to fix whatever small problem we had in the GNU Classpath room in no time. I hope you've recovered from the flu, and I am looking forward to meet you & Arnaud again, at FOSDEM 07.

dalibor topic

Blogger Loki said...

Hi Dalibor

Too bad I didn't have time to come across the GNU Classpath room to say hi to everyone, but you're already read about the reasons ;)

I'll do next year, promised ;)


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