Monday, January 14, 2008

» webpin CLI 0.9.0, and faster server

We have a shiny new server for Benjamin Weber's "webpin" (search engine for openSUSE packages that indexes pretty much all repositories, including the openSUSE Build Service repos). It's a lot faster than the previous one. Therefore, I warmly recommend upgrading to webpin-0.9.0 that uses the new server for package search queries. The webpin CLI package is available from the openSUSE:Tools repository. For the web interface, make sure to use the following URL: I have also updated my openSearch configuration files to use the new URL.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw over at Benjamin Weber's blog that he has a hack to do a one-click install via command line.
I added a comment asking whether it is possible that one could search for a package via webpin, be provided with a one click install url and then install – all on the same commandline.
Benjamin pointed me over to your blog:

so I ask you, would that be possible? that would be great....



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