Sunday, June 29, 2008

» Smart on openSUSE 11.0

zypper ar -r
zypper ref smart
zypper install smart
smart channel --add
smart mirror --add
smart update

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Blogger countdruncula said...

I know you are busy, congratulations! I was just wondering if you had any inside track as to the future of smart. Whilst smart has been the saving grace of the 10.* releases, zypper finally seems to have improved immeasurably, and smart appears to be treading water at the moment - not much development seems to be going into it anymore, or perhaps that is just perception?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for these, it well help many people who like using smart.

but I have a little question:

Is there any ability to use smart with PackageKit? without using libzypp off course. Because I read that there is a PackageKit backend for the Smart Package Manager.

I know I can use it with libzypp in opensuse, but I like using smart because is faster downloading packages than libzypp..

Blogger Unknown said...

I like to use the smart package manager.
smart-gui 0.52 has stopped working on my 64-bit OpenSUSE 11.0.

I even uninstalled it, deleted /var/lib/smart, and reinstalled it.

The GUI hangs when I press the up-arrow icon to see what updates it found.

It did work before the many updates that SUSE has pushed out.

Blogger DJr said...

smart is simply great!
even in openSUSE 11 32 or 64 bits
thanks for your work, keep going

Blogger Unknown said...

On Suse 11.1 this worked for me (just 11.1 instead of 11.0):
zypper ar -r
zypper ref smart
zypper install smart
smart update

Blogger DimiG said...

Yeah, 'smart' is perfect for PackMan channel, cause 'zypper' is not working on openSuSE11.1 with slow network. Download system in 'zypper' working fine only if Internet connection fast and reliable. But in 11.1 'smart' is broken now. '' warning about md5 module and says to use hashlib instead. No new version of 'smart' up to now. :(


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